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Why Hire a Stylebox HD Event Planner?

Outdoor Event

Time Saving!

Planning an event can be time-consuming, especially if you are not familiar with the process. A Stylebox HD Event Planner will take on the tasks involved in planning and designing your event such as finding and negotiating with vendors, creating a timeline, and managing the logistics, design and setup.

We have established relationships with a large list of vendors and suppliers, which can result in great cost savings for you


The Stylebox HD Event Planning team will help you create a realistic budget for your event and will manage the expenses throughout the entire planning, development and execution process.


Expertise: Our Event Planners have the expertise and experience needed to plan, source, design and manage successful events including providing guidance on the best venues, vendors, and activities to make your event a success.

We are skilled at managing the many details involved in event planning which will help you stay organized and ensure that everything is in place for your event, from decor, catering, entertainment

and much more!!!!

Wedding Decorations


Stylebox HD Event Planning Services

Cultural Events:

festivals, art exhibitions, and cultural celebrations.


Corporate Events:

conferences, trade shows, product launches. 


Social Events:

weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and family reunions.


Non-profit Events:

fundraising events, charity auctions, and benefit concerts.


Educational Events:

workshops, training sessions, and seminars.


Sporting Events:

marathons, tournaments, and other athletic competitions.

01. Meet

To define the purpose and goals of your event!  This includes establishing a budget including all anticipated expenses and revenue sources

02. Plan

Securing a date and venue. Identifying and coordinating with vendors and suppliers including design/staging concept

03. Execute

Full Project Management!

On the day(s) of the event, making sure that everything runs smoothly and that all team members are fulfilling their assigned roles. 


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